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Donut Earrings

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Doh! Do you have a friend that's obsessed with The Simpsons or donuts? OR The Simpsons AND donuts? Here's a great gift for junk foodies and Television junkies. Pair these Extra Large Donut Earrings with our T.V. necklace for a match made in Junk Food-T.V. heaven. 

Our Extra Large Donut Earrings with strawberry pink-colored frosting also feature glitter and neon sprinkles to create a show-stopping pair of earrings. When it's time to make the donuts we laser cut ours from neon pink acrylic (plastic), mirror gold acrylic, neon yellow acrylic, turquoise acrylic, and glitter hologram acrylic. Each Extra Large Donut Earring is attached to a surgical steel post.

Our surprisingly light Extra Large Donut Earrings are not for the timid!

  • Earrings are sold as a pair. (one left, one right)
  • Measure about 3" wide 
  • Surgical steel posts
  • Multi-inlay acrylic (plastic) colors

    By Vinca

    Made in Austin, TX