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DooDah Doodles Coloring Book

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Color and do some good while you're at it! 100% of sale will go to a good cause-50% to Sarah's family & 50% donated to METAvivor. 

"Wichita resident and Kansas native, Sarah R. Olmstead, takes you on a coloring journey with DooDah Doodles. Some of her favorite places and spaces in the city have been turned into coloring pages. Grad a friend or two and your colorful medium of choice as you follow the GPS coordinates to find each of the locations featured in this celebration of home."


The story behind this fundraiser:

Being the mom of two young boys and a small business owner, I was devastated, overwhelmed, and heartbroken when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 37. Whenever something big happens in my life, my go-to reaction is to learn. So I bought all of the books and reached out to people around me that knew the cancer world.
Kim Rosen was one of the first people I reached out to since I’ve known her for years through Lucinda’s. Kim’s husband was a pediatric oncologist at the time, and she’s worked side by side with him at their office, helping little people with cancer. She gave me confidence in the team of medical experts I was working with and put me in contact with a friend who had almost the exact diagnosis as mine. 
I sent a text to her friend, Elizabeth Hotaling. Elizabeth was undergoing the same chemo treatment I did, just several months ahead of me. We immediately became cancer buds. She would check in on me, loan me hats to wear when my hair came out, and we met up to chat. It was so comforting to have someone there who understands what you’re going through.   
Elizabeth had a similar person in her life when she was diagnosed, Sarah Olmstead. They became fast friends and even traveled together. Unfortunately, Sarah had metastatic breast cancer and sadly passed away in 2020. Though I never met her, I wish that I had. (You’ll find her story below.)
When Elizabeth reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to carry a Wichita-themed coloring book Sarah had made some years back, the answer was yes! Yes, AND let’s use it to raise awareness and $$$ for a good cause—two good causes.

The coloring books sell for $14.50, with $7.25 going to Sarah’s three children, who live out of state with a relative. The other $7.25 will go to METAvivor. METAvivor funds research stage IV metastatic breast cancer.
Funding this research is urgent. Did you know that only 2 to 5 percent of breast cancer fundraising goes to this specific research, even though 30% of all breast cancer patients will metastasize, to spread to other parts of the body?
As a survivor, just writing that makes my heart rate go up and fear kick in! While Elizabeth and I will never truly feel out of the woods, we’re fortunate to have “no evidence of disease” (NED), the term that doctors use in our case, since there is no real “cure.” We’ll both breathe a little easier in a couple of years once we reach five years with NED because our odds of recurrence go down.
Please help us raise money for Sarah’s family and METAvivor!! You’ll get a wonderful coloring book in the process. Also, please follow Sarah’s brilliant advice to chickety check yourself on the 11th of every month. A self-check (and great doctors and surgeons) saved my life!
All of this to say isn’t community a powerful thing?! This circle of women helping each other and paying it forward is truly amazing. I am in awe of our strength and the beauty of it all.

With love, Valerie Reimers