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Forlorna Bell Moving Necklace

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By Lou Clarke

Materials: acrylic, wood, metal alloy

Forlorna Bell Moving Pendant Necklace

Size of Forlorna Bell -
Width - Approx. 3.8cm
Height - Approx. 7cm

Chain length -50cm

Here she is! Forlorna herself can be with you at all times with a little etched and inked mirrored face encased in her illustrated engraved maple/cherry wood bell body not forgetting those little swaying hairy legs which are articulated on a pivot. She is mounted on a 45cm chain.

Forlorna's bell shape is derived from ceramic bells in the shape of people but Lou has created the idea in a laser cut form instead. So instead of a tinkly sound you hear from the ceramic bells with Forlorna you will hear a gentle clip clop sound on the BIG bell.

All pieces are made in a studio by the seaside in Essex by Lou Clarke. Please allow for slight variants in each piece due to their hand made nature and natural finishes of the wood. 

Made in the United Kingdom