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Forlorna Pink Rosa Bosom Earrings

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By Lou Clarke

Materials: acrylic, wood, surgical steel, brass

Forlorna Pink Rosa Bosom Drop SMALL Earrings - Heart / Pearl / Tear / Eye

Rosa Bosom, inspired by Bruce Lacey she built her own friend...but lucky for you you can wear them as earrings.

Rosa has a robotic celestial nature with the heart at the centre. Made up from brass piping, three different marble acrylic and cherry veneered wood. Finished off with surgical steel earrings hooks.

They are light weight so great if you want to get that Patty B impact and save your ear lugs at the same time.

Size -
Length - Approx. 7cm
Width - Approx. 5.5cm

All pieces are made in a studio by the seaside in Essex by Lou Clarke. Please allow for slight variants in each piece due to their hand made nature and natural finishes of the wood. 

Made in the United Kingdom