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Meat Socks

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"Meat" Socks by Gumball Poodle.

Meat, Meat, the sizzling slabs, the more you eat, the more you get abs... or is it flabs? Who cares when it's so delicious! A juicy gym sock that'll feel like you're walking on prime veal cutlets... that's what you want isn't it? Free range, pasture raised right here in the USA! Deeeeeelicious...

61% Cotton, 36% Nylon, 3% Spandex.

Unisex, one size fits most. Made in USA. 

These wide ribbed socks reach to mid-calf on most folks and fit a women’s size 6 US to men’s size 15. As a thicker weave, these socks are optimally worn with sneakers and other roomy shoe styles. Machine wash cold, line dry.