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Random Axe of Kindness Earrings

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  • Axe measures 1.75 long x .5" wide
  • With earhook measures 2.5" long
  • Wooden handle, plastic axe tip

Vinca's Random Axe of Kindness Earrings will make you feel AXE-hilerating! Whether you appreciate a thrilling slasher movie like Pearl or X or just about any chapter of the Friday the 13th franchise, these are the earrings for you. Or maybe you're a lumberjill or lumberjack in need of an accessory that truly slays? Whatever your deal is, don't delay! Get your Random Axe of Kindness Earrings today!
Random Axe of Kindness Earrings are cut from Baltic birch wood and two layer plastic. Plastic blade of the axe is on just the front of the earring. These baby axes are not sharp. I doubt you could even cut room temp brie with these things. 

By Vinca USA

Made in Austin, TX