The Kaufman Mercantile Guide

The Kaufman Mercantile Guide

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How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures

 By Alexandra Redgrave, Jessica Hundley

7 × 8.5 IN (17.8 × 21.6 CM)

Modern living isn't easy. It often seems to require some know-how our parents didn't pass on, or a special tool. Happily, Kaufmann Mercantile has both, and in this comprehensive field guide, they share their expertise on a huge range of topics, from frying an egg, tying a tie, or brewing coffee to things the inner utilitarian in all of us aspires to do, like splitting wood, building a fire, growing our own food, or making our own soap. Forty-eight how-tos are organized into five sections: Kitchen, Outdoors, Home, Garden, and Grooming. Written in clear detail and extensively illustrated, The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide teaches us what we ought to know how to do, as well as what we'd like to. Supplemental sidebars feature the best tool for the job, whether a dibber for planting, the best rawhide- and-ash snowshoes, or flammable smoking bags for making authentic BBQ. This book is a must-have reference tool for living well in the twenty-first century.

  • Includes 150 newly drawn illustrations.
  • A modern-day Foxfire meets Whole Earth Catalog.
  • Includes forty-eight step-by-step how-tos for mastering common tasks, like mending a hem, shaving, or stocking a pantry, or more adventurous activities, like sabering a champagne bottle, starting a vegetable garden, or fording a stream.
  • Sidebars highlight thirty Tools of the Trade to get the job done right