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Wild Beauty Bamboo Scarf with Peacock Print

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Majesty, luxury, and good luck! Peacocks — symbols of strength, confidence, luck, and royalty — have been celebrated for their glorious and colourful plumage throughout history. This remarkable piece features joyful, deliciously rich artwork from the 1600’s by dutch painter melchior d’hondecoeter, and is trimmed with a print we created using a reconstructed french textile fragment from the same era. Market of Stars modeled the size and weight after their favorite vintage french scarves to create chic, easy to wear designs for every day use. Wear them wrapped once around the neck, tucked in to a jacket, or tied in the hair.

Crafted from soft viscose, the fabric is a lighter, airier weight than their kimonos, with the same beautifully soft feel. They make the perfect gift too!

Pure bamboo / wood viscose.

Handwash, hang to dry.

68cm x 160cm.