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A Million Things to Do Before You Die Prompted Journal

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Think of it as an entertaining (and adventurous) to-do list of sorts. Sure, this prompted journal by Brass Monkey is filled to the brim with countless things to accomplish…but instead of crap like cleaning out the gutters, you’ll only find fun (and crazy) things that everyone should do before they turn into some boring old person. But once you get close…yell at some kids on your lawn. It’s in the book too.

• Features 200 unique pages filled with countless random things that everyone should do before they kick the bucket.

• Watched the Northern Lights while eating a taco? Great. Write about the experience and move on to the next one.

• Includes space throughout to journal about some of your favorites.

• Vintage-inspired spot-varnished hardcover (with color pages throughout).

• Book measures 4.5"" wide by 8.5"" tall.

- Artist: Brass Monkey


 Vintage Inspired Smartassery

 Brass Monkey likes to say that they're the line between roadside souvenirs and fine china. Well designed products that just happen to have a sense of humor.