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Grievance Journal

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What the heck is a grievance journal? Toxic positivity got you down? Sick of perfectly-coiffed "life coaches" with glowing skin and zero problems telling you to manifest a better life by just "choosing" happiness? We are, too! Boredwalk has created the perfect repository for all your existential angst and daily gripes! Introducing the Grievance Journal! Whether it's terrible drivers, annoying co-workers, heinous in-laws, or humanity at large causing you grief, don't stuff it down — express your rage on the pages within and move on with your interminably long life here in the hellscape we've all come to know and loathe!

Anti Gratitude Journal Features Include:


Measures 6 x 9 inches

214 pages, with ample space for writing and doodling about your frustrations

52 writing prompts, perfect for getting a fresh batch of annoyances on the page every week 52 funny de-motivational quotes designed to help you laugh at your own relentless angst

By Boredwalk