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The Big Book of Queer Stickers

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Celebrate queer pride with this deluxe LGBTQIA+ sticker book from artists Ash + Chess, featuring 1,000+ stickers!

From flags and rainbows to queer slogans (Gay All Day, Queer All Year) and declarations (Protect Trans Kids), you'll find hundreds of ways to joyfully share LGBTQIA+ pride in The Big Book of Queer Stickers.  
  • Deluxe hardcover book with 1,000+ stickers. Inside this brightly colored book—complete with holographic foil on the cover—you'll find more than 1,000 stickers in all shapes and sizes.
  • 2 bonus sheets of holographic stickers. 2 full sheets (40 stickers) are printed on holographic foil, adding a special, sparkly flair to your stickers.
  • Includes blank pages for doodling and stickering. At the back of your sticker book, find blank pages for journaling, doodling, or placing your stickers into custom arrangements.
  • Created by queer and trans stationery brand Ash + Chess. Ash + Chess are the queer and trans founders of the eponymous stationery line, and they've channeled all of their LGBTQIA+ pride into this collection of hundreds of celebratory stickers!