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The Tales of Mr. Ken Rooster and the Six Sassy Hens

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By Diane Sorensen

Meet Mr. Ken Rooster and his six sassy hens—Sunny, Nugget, Barbie, Fancy, Henny, and Penny. Together these seven silly chickens have many big adventures, including a close call with a fox and an emergency trip to the vet. Through all their adventures in their big, sometimes scary world, these sweet chickens learn to support each other and forge the bonds of true friendship.

Diane Sorensen, an attorney by profession, has always been a storyteller and writer. In this way, she is like her father, who entertained Diane and her older sister with Chester the Chicken stories at bedtime. When her now-grown daughter was young, Diane loved improvising stories to tell her.

Diane lives on four wooded acres in North Newton, Kansas, with her husband, Conrad, four cats, nine chickens, and many occasional visitors, including raccoons and foxes. They adopted their chickens as fluffy little chicks in the spring of 2019, becoming first time chicken parents. The joy of raising these chickens and the many adventures they have shared together inspired Diane to write these stories.